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Organic Plant Care Service for the Austin, Texas area
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Who We Are
Bette's Greenery is an organic plant care service in the Austin area since 1991.  We offer the best quality tropical plants available and may choices of decorative containers.  
    We can help you make the right selections of plant materials for the light and space available to keep your plants healthy and beautiful for a long life.   
   Bette's service programs provide weekly maintenance visits for your plants.  A guarantee of health and appearance is included in our service plans.  Purchase or Lease options are available.  
   Only safe, organic products are used in our service.  This means that your plants can actually improve your health by cleaning the air of harmful building and cleaning chemicals without adding back more harmful chemicals to grow them!

Tropical plants are our passion! You will find that our plants and decorative containers are beautiful and affordable.
Tropical plants create a warm working environment, create a successful image, enhance the esthetics of your space, improve employee disposition and retention rates!  
Beautify your space!